December 1st GRI Announced

As the November rate starts to decrease, shipping lines have announced a 1st December GRI on the Far East Import trade.

As predicted, the rates during November have started to tumble slowly but surely, and also as predicted there will be competition in the market touting rates at a level which are merely predicted in weeks to come. All client rates have been adjusted accordingly as weeks have gone by, and will be furthermore during the final week's reduciton.

Some rates will be valid until the end of the year or even March 2015, yet when vessels are full and market rates are high, these contracts are pointless as no container gets shipped. The peak season is notorious for origin fun and games, and what we have do to is find the best possible rate that does get shipped that is somewhere in between the lowest and the highest. Until at least normal service is ressumed, as such rates will continue to be as they have all year round so far.

As of December 1st, lines have announced an increase of $800 per 20ft. We are confident that the full effect will not be implemented on our client rate agreements so we will continue to monitor and negotiate our rates over the next two weeks.

LCL will fluctuate according to the final set increase to a 40HC.

New rates will be issued to all clients asap.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our operations team. Part Loads & Full Container Loads