UK Trucking in demand

The UK transport service has been under extreme pressure recently and especially over the past few weeks, resulting in a high level of non-conformances.

Earlier this week we discussed with shipping lines and truckers that the haulage performance over the past few weeks has been found wanting and the service levels not to the level needed nor expected and has been felt across the board by the UK’s importing & exporting customers.

We discussed that this was due to a combination of reasons, entering the peak the volumes being higher, Bank Holidays spikes, vessels (Middle East Services) diverting to London Gateway last minute causing 100% of the whole vessels to be re-worked, approx. 7 trains being cancelled by Network rail, causing over 50% of Shipping lines business having to be re-worked and re-routed overland from Felixstowe via truck, which as then resulted in the spot makret for transport filling up as all the trucks are being booked so far in advance meaning it’s extremely difficult to recovery any bookings.

As we have been told the stretch of demand is coming to an end, we are still seeing trucking very much in demand as the back log tries to clear, so please bear with us and offer your soonest advance delivery bookings to our FCL team.