Westbound are Winners!

Seafreight Solutions Provider of the Year

It was always overwhelming to be considered finalists, for such a well known industry awards event alongside some of the largest and most experienced freight companies in the world, but to win it on Wednesday evening has made our year!

"We purposely didnt have a speech ready, just incase it tempted fate" said Ryan, "but I wish I had of as myself and Danny headed up on stage without anything prepared. I can't remember what we said but think it was along the lines of firstly thanking our clients, without those we wouldnt have nobody to perform our high standards of service levels on, our staff who put up with our demanding perfectionist attitudes and, all of our familes that of course support us by understanding why we work such long hours!".

Our partners and suppliers around the world should also be thanked. If there's anyone we have missed, hopefully we will get the chance to convert the BIFA finalist nomination to a win in the coming January too!