How are Import Rates Looking for June?

How are Import Rates Looking for June?

A the beginning of May we announced rates to clients to the tune of a post-April $200 saving, and felt dubious that rates would stay stable throughout the entirety of May.

They have done just that!

Not a single shipping line has reduced rates and furthermore, those that validated until the 15th only, have attempted an increase. Whether they are getting bookings, we shall not know as Westbound Logistics continue to honour our buying contracts elsewhere at lower levels.

"We always find ourselves re-explaining the volatile market effects to our customers month-on-month these days." 

There is so much trickery and tactical selling in the market these days, not just from lines but, mostly other forwarders. This creates complications.

One forwarder may choose to jump ship, literally at the saving of $25 a container, or use that to entice new prospect clients. This means they are likely defaulting on their contract volume agreement for the month which tarnishes their relationship for the long term.

Usually, it's the lines or contracts that drop rates for a quick weekly/sailing win, will equally shift the rates skywards the following month if it suits them. This is what we are seeing now, as many of those lines now indicate high levels for the 2 remaining weeks AND again for June with expected increases of at least $200 per TEU.

We have locked in our rate for the month at a stable lower rate whilst enjoying the stress-free stability of having every container ship on time. 

Not only have we shipped successfully for our clients as always, but we've maintained our 'Westbound/Supplier' relationship promises which in turn gets our customers the best on-going price and service packages. Long-Term!