Emergency Fuel Surcharge

Emergency Fuel Surcharge

Some call it EBAF, EBS and some call it PSS. It's here for June!


Just last week we confirmed rumours of an EBAF surcharge for June, which were then confirmed 24hrs later.

Shipping lines discussed simultaneously, about how they can no longer withstand losses. Many conversations most likely refer back to 'we don't want to be the next Hanjin' and this was likely one of them.

Huge losses have been absorbed by Shipping Lines yet again over the past 12 months which was not helped by a soaring Oil price that recently edged towards $80 a barrel. 

It was decided an Emergency Bunker Adjustment Factor levy would be introduced to offset the rise in fuel. Some lines have called it EBS, others EBAF, one of them FAD and most that ship from China a PSS! (They're all the same thing.)

The average is $60 per 20ft and $120 per 40ft.

Please note, Westbound have issued rates for June with all surcharges included. 

We felt it was better to show a clear, full rate rather than try to hide it as a surcharge in small print.

Not using Westbound? Drop us a line here, we would be happy to add you to our rate schedule.