Success between EGLN Members

Success between EGLN Members

A success story should always be shared, even just to encourage others to think positively. As we approach our next business trip to Bangkok next week, we wanted to shout from the rooftops about how successful a networking opportunity can be.

If you’re like most people, you’d have been a little skeptical that joining a Freight Network (or Network within your Industry) wouldn’t bring success.  It wouldn’t be worth the money and nothing would come of it.

We did wonder, but wow were we surprised! 

Since joining the EGLN we’ve met some fantastic, like-minded people from all over the world, which has led us to be a great believer in the saying ‘What you put in, you get out’.

We have certainly put in a lot of work over the past few years, and together with new friends, we feel we have something special to shout about.

We have created, brand new weekly consolidation services with fellow EGLN members as follows:-


South/East China Ports, Weekly to:-


  1. Bucharest, Romania. We have teamed up here with fellow network friends IB Cargo.
  2. Auckland, New Zealand. Jacanna in NZ have helped us develop this regular consol service.
  3. Melbourne, Australia. Alan @ OTB Logistics has been an integral part of this successful weekly consolidation service.
  4. Brisbane, Australia. Our team have collaborated with Luke & Lauren over the past 12 months to successfully develop this trade lane which continues to grow.
  5. Johannesburg, South Africa. Feltra Intl’ Logistics are co-campaigning to grow our newly developed South African trade lane by selling our joint service, as part of the following 3 way partnership;
  6. Cape Town, South Africa. Andre @ Trade Ocean is also working together as a 3 way partnership as our CPT hub, enabling us to offer both a direct Cape Town service and Jo’Burg.


To us, this just isn’t your average achievement. It’s a testament to exactly what a network should be about.

It’s an example of what partnerships can be formed by like-minded people within a network, and using it to its absolute potential.

It’s exciting to know we can do it, it’s exciting to know we HAVE done it, and we’re excited to ask our fellow members for support….

Whether you’re working in the same regions as Westbound China, or that of your fellow EGLN partners listed above, why don’t we support these existing co-load services amongst us?

Do you have cargo being co-loaded outside of the network? Will you support us?

Let’s come together on this, and support members from within.