Customer Feedback / Sales Strategy

What a week.....

I realised a few things by the time we got to Friday, mostly around customer service and how sales styles vary from one company, or one industry to another.

On Wednesday, another one of our customers invited us out for lunch. We tried to pay but they simply wouldn't allow us to!

It sank in. This is not an uncommon event for us here at Westbound Logistics. It's becoming a common reoccurrence that our customers seem to be happy treating us!

Surely it should be the other way around but it did get me thinking. Why?

Customer Feedback. It makes you feel kind of guilty but whilst we do also treat our customers to the odd event, day out or lunch; when a customer insists on treating us it hits home when they spell it out. We're that good at what we do, we're that different to every other freight forwarder, our customers simply value us so much that they genuinely feel as though we are part of their team, and they want to thank us for the difference we've made. It's the exact motto we portray so to have that backed up with customer feedback is one of the most satisfying things to hear.

We asked some of our most loyal customers as well as new, why did they first use Westbound?

I was recommended
I've seen how you conduct your business online
We've read your social media and wanted to use you for ages!
I follow you (Not in a weird way where im going to be arrested)

These were just some of the answers given which helped get to that 'penny drop' moment but, in addition to that, we get bombarded with emails and linkedin posts to try sell us 'Freight leads'. Basically, #Importer and #Exporter contact information so that we can bombard their inbox with spam or set upon them with our sales team yet, we never entertain it...... It's just not us. Why?

Simply because we don't really sell as much anymore..... Strange eh?

We're not a double glazing company. Whilst we do want new business, of course we do, we just don't model ourselves on that style of door knocking business. People use Westbound because they want to, not because we push them to.

We have actually bolstered our internal commercial team to handle the incoming enquiries as they are growing thick and fast every month on month. We're still trying to work out how we've managed it ourselves but, over the past 9.11 years (almost there!) we seem to have built a brand, with a reputation that attracts people to us, not the other way round.

It's a testament to the service we give, the difference we make to businesses that have a need for #logistics and it's a privilege to be thought of as "the want to use guys" of the Logistics industry.

Regardless of how we've achieved that, all we know is the Westbound Way and as such, we'll continue doing it our way as we soon cross over that big milestone of 10 years. It's gone so fast!