Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to us! 

It only feels like yesterday. 

We were opening our first files in our living rooms with SkySports on in the background. 3 months later we moved into our first office on Brentwood High Street. 9 months later, we doubled the size of the office and then, after 2 years we moved to DP World London Gateway Port, into brand new offices which are now home to our wonderful team of 20 staff. 

In 2016 we opened in China and Hong Kong where another amazing 27 staff join the Westbound family. 

We'd like to stop for a brief moment, and thank everyone that has supported us along our journey so far. Staff, family, customers, suppliers and friends. We really appreciate being surrounded by such great people from staff, family to customers as that truly is what Westbound is all about. One big family.

Now back to work...   :D 

Ryan & Danny