US Warehousing & Fulfilment Costs Set To Rise This Year

US Warehousing and fulfilment costs are set to continue to rise this year, as high e-commerce demand and slow-moving freight contribute to full facilities.

A recent study, in conjunction with, suggested that prices are expected to rise by 5-7% this year, reflective of the current market conditions and an increase in warehousing property costs of around 6.5% on average.

Record high demand for products from Asia, fuelled by the e-commerce market, has overwhelmed the Covid hit US logistics infrastructure. Delays can be expected on just about every freight movement right now, which is putting additional pressure on US warehousing.

E-commerce giants Amazon have had to reduce their inventory levels at their popular FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) centres during the course of the pandemic, which has contributed to independent fulfilment centres overflowing.

Being well positioned in the North American e-commerce market, we suggest that committing early to your US fulfilment solutions may pay dividends later. Right now, there is no sign that market conditions are likely to change any time soon, and this could help you avoid excessive costs on quay or in customs warehouses.  

Through our own Asian offices, Westbound provide a host of full and part load services from Asia into the USA, which are supported by fulfilment solutions and integrations with Amazon FBA centres and all major e-commerce systems.


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