Port Of Yantian Closed To Export Containers - Huge Delays

*Updated 3rd June

The Port Of Yantian has closed to export containers for several days since the 25th May, which has added the potential of large ongoing disruption to services from the region.

Export containers were not accepted on terminal after 10pm Hong Kong time since 25th May until after 1 minute before midnight Hong Kong time on Thursday 27th May, a total of almost 50 hours. At least, that was the schedule given...

It is now 3rd June at the time of this update and still, the port of Yantian is closed.

Port congestion has been given as the official reason for the Export shut down, but there have also been reports of Covid cases amongst port workers and visiting ship workers over the past several days.

Once the port reopens to Exports, a 4-day rule will be introduced which will be applicable until at least 14th June, when it will be reviewed. This means that containers may not be delivered to the port prior to 4 days before the vessel departs.

It remains to be seen what short term impact this may have on congestion and already disrupted schedules. We are trying to establish carrier plans for any current shipments that may be affected and will notify customers accordingly. So far, every vessel scheduled to call at Yantian by every shipping line has been cancelled (omitted). The backlog of containers now sitting at both the port, surrounding roads and subburbs is astronomical. 

Costs - No freight rate from any port in China is fixed until it finally sails, due to so many on-going issues with regards to container equipment, yet Yantian is now adding further uncertainty to rates as a whole and in particular FCL and LCL cargo from Yantian itself.

It is highly likely, importers affected with booked cargo will receive additional unplanned fees due to congestion. 

Import shipments into the port will continue to operate during this period.

Westbound will continue to monitor the situation closely. Should you require any further information on the above, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.



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